Oct 27, 2011

Mock magazine article

Check out a mock magazine article by my friend Hayley Singh. This was her assignment and she did all photography. I had the worst headache and I was not the best model so she did well taking photos of me in a fabulous mood.

Aug 24, 2011

Polymer Clay Hearts

Handmade polymer clay hearts I've recently made, I did intend to make some kind of doll shape but the hearts won me over for now. After I've added some paint or wire and bits of lost things, they are baked in an oven for 8-10min.

Jun 19, 2011

Geisha with raygun,drawing finished

My finished scratch drawing of geisha with raygun. my tutor at art school gave the class some scratch boards to play with, only about A5 in size. I had a photo of a Geisha at the time so I used that to start me off. I'm also keen on rayguns,so this was the finished product.


May 21, 2011

My little Snobby Goth shop ~ The alt.shift.craft - night Market

In Palmerston North for the first time, a night market for unique hand-made NZ crafts was put on.
This was my little shop, I should have taken the photo before I sold some items, but this is how I want to think of it, a magical night. My shop was small but did me well, below are some things that where part of it.

This is just a fun little bunny heart brooch that I made.
Music box, that doesn't make a sound. so I added "silence is golden" an egg nest I made keep's going around and around after you turn he key.

Feb 2, 2011

Try out this cool "scribbler tool" It's a free tool that you can draw with, use it on this site link just start drawing whatever you like and save it to your computer. Have fun!

Oct 21, 2010

My CV in the making

Hi all, this is just a sneak preview of my Intreactive visual CV, just the first page. I'll keep you posted when all the rest of it get's made up. All my own images, purple suitcase, I made up the polaroid photos with pics of my art work and even my little dog Teddy! no one is safe in my house hehe. All the work is with CS4 Photoshop love it!